20 Recipes to Convince You Brussels Sprouts Are Actually Delicious (2024)

We’re so glad we outgrew our childhood hatred of Brussels sprouts. No one has to nag us to eat them now — in fact, we’re kind of obsessed. This trendy veggie seems to go well with everything and adds some new appeal to classic recipes. It’s also packed with nutritional benefits. Delicious and nutritious? No wonder we just can’t get enough! Join the Brussels sprout party and try out one of our 20 favorite recipes below.

1. Purple Brussels Sprout Salad With Pecans + Orange Garlic Dressing: You know we can’t get enough of that purple color pop. It doesn’t hurt that this beauty is packed with flavors — nutty pecans, vibrant citrus and a sharp hit of garlic. If you’re serving this at your next soiree, you could glam this salad up by color blocking the purple and green sprouts. (via Fake Food Free)

2. Chili-Spiced Sweet Potato Hash Browns With Roasted Veggies: A savory veggie fix for brunch? We’re sold. This dish combines spicy and sweet with a hearty topping of our favorite roasted veggie. (via Veggie and the Beast Feast)

3. Brussels Sprouts + Cheddar Quiche: Broccoli cheddar is delish, but why not try a new veggie cheese combo for your quiche? Brussels sprouts make this simple quiche extra special. (via The Chic Life)

4. Green Power Salad With Roasted Veggies: Walnuts, chickpeas and Brussels sprouts, oh my! A few of our favorite ingredients join forces in this nutritious, flavor-packed salad. It’s the perfect hearty vegetarian meal. (via Lemons and Basil)

6. Brussels, Bacon + Leek Fritters: Bacon meet Brussels in this killer recipe. Fry these two up in the form of fritters and it’s a match made in food heaven. (via Bell’alimento)

7. Brussels Sprout + Apple Coleslaw: Skip the same old coleslaw and give this unique raw slaw a try. We love the unexpected apples, which add a pop of sweetness and crunch. (via Lorimer Street Kitchen)

8. Cacio e Pepe With Brussels Sprouts: Who says Brussels sprouts can’t be decadent? Classic comfort food gets a gorgeous green upgrade when you add thinly sliced sprouts. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)

9. Potato and Brussels Sprout Salad: Swap out traditional potato salad with this light twist on a picnic classic! Brussels sprouts add an extra pop of flavor and texture. (via Highgate Hill Kitchen)

10. Tahini + Sprout Pie: This rustic savory pie is chock full of delicious super foods. Get your daily dose of ultra nutritious Brussels sprouts and tahini, served up on a decadent slab of pie crust. (via Chase That I Love)

11. Brussels Sprout Pesto: Skip the basil and try a whole new take on pesto! Brussels sprouts give traditional pesto a unique flavor while maintaining that beloved texture and color. This spread is perfect for crostinis or a gorgeous bowl of pasta. (via Multiculti Kitchen)

12. Pomegranate Lime Brussels Sprouts: Bright pomegranate seeds meet tart lime and fresh Brussels, delivering a color and flavor packed salad sure to lift you out of your salad rut. (via PDX Food Love)

13. Brussels Sprouts Pita Pizzas: How awesome is this stylish, grown-up take on the mini pizza?! Simple pita bread becomes the backbone for an elegant veggie-topped treat. (via Kitchen Treaty)

14. Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Sriracha Honey Drizzle: Roasted Brussels sprouts offer luxurious layers of crunch. They’re even more addictive when they’re dressed up with unexpected flavors, like this spicy sweet Sriracha honey drizzle. (via Dash of East)

15. Brussels Sprout Au Gratin with Horseradish + Parmesan Cheese: Feel a little more virtuous about a warm bowl of creamy, melted cheese by substituting the traditional potato with brussels sprouts. A little green makes that parmesan and cream taste even better. (via Natalie’s Daily Crave)

16. Roasted Brussels Sprout Chips With Balsamic: Meet your new movie night go-to snack. Popcorn and potato chips? Delish, but so last season. Get all the snacky, salty crunch you need with roasted Brussels sprout chips. (via Inspired Edibles)

17. Cheesy Brussels Sprout Dip: Everything is better with lots and lots of cheese, right? Right. (via Baked In)

18. Brussels Sprouts Roasted on the Stalk With Maple Butter Dijon Glaze: Have you ever seen Brussels sprouts still attached to the stalk? They’re gorgeous! We love the rustic feel of this roasted Brussels sprouts presentation. A maple syrup and dijon mustard laced butter glaze adds some flavorful flair. (via The Right Recipe)

19. Warm Bacon Brussels Sprout Salad: This recipe combines all of our favorites in one bowl — Brussels sprouts, warm bacon,and parmesan cheese. Yum! (via Table)

20. Seared Sea Scallops With Golden Raisin Puree + Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts: We could always go for some seared sea scallops with all the trimmings, including Brussels sprouts braised in bacon. It’s the perfect recipe for the next time you want to wow your guests, or, you know, make yourself an awesome meal and binge watch TV. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

What’s your favorite Brussels sprout recipe? Leave us a comment and let us know how you’re cooking up your sprouts!

Claire Moshenberg

Claire is a freelance writer on the hunt for great recipes, DIYs, and cheese. She writes about her baking adventures and travels at A Sound That Quakes.

20 Recipes to Convince You Brussels Sprouts Are Actually Delicious (2024)


What gives brussel sprouts a better taste? ›

In the late 1990s scientists identified specific chemicals, called glucosinolates, that made Brussels sprouts taste bitter. Plant breeders started growing old seeds, previously discarded for producing paltry harvests, to identify tastier versions with lower levels of these compounds.

What makes brussel sprouts good? ›

Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that's important for immune health, iron absorption, collagen production, and the growth and repair of tissues.

Why are brussel sprouts tasty now? ›

He selected seed varieties with lower levels of the bitter chemicals and bred new high-yielding varieties that tasted less bitter. And better-tasting brussels sprouts are good, not only for our appetites but also because most of us aren't eating enough vegetables.

Why do I feel so good after eating brussel sprouts? ›

The fiber in Brussels sprouts—over 3 grams per cup, according to the USDA—helps regulate blood sugar levels, support digestive health, and feed the beneficial gut bacteria. Gut bacteria are tied to positive mood, immunity, and anti-inflammation, according to Harvard University's School of Public Health.

How do you get the bitterness out of brussel sprouts? ›

Blanch your Brussels

(This technique also works for making collard greens less bitter, as well as other greens.) Blanching involves adding your veg to boiling water for a brief period, then plunging it into an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

Why do people soak brussel sprouts? ›

Not only can soaking make the centers more malleable, but the water that's absorbed into them will create a steaming action, whether you choose to roast, saute, or make your Brussels sprouts in your air fryer. The steam can help to ensure the cooking is even throughout the Brussels sprout.

When should I not eat brussel sprouts? ›

Things You Should Know

Throw out fresh brussel sprouts that have a foul odor, yellow or wilted leaves, a mushy or slimy texture, or dark spots. Use fresh brussel sprouts within 1–2 weeks of getting them. Store the brussel sprouts in a plastic bag inside your fridge, and wash them before cooking them.

What is the healthiest way to eat brussel sprouts? ›

Roasting Brussels sprouts caramelizes their natural sugar and mellows out bitter notes, providing rich flavor and a crispier texture. Brussels sprouts are a good source of fiber and vitamins C and K, notes the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Why aren't brussel sprouts bitter anymore? ›

Syngenta scientists first discovered the relationship between glucosinolates and bitter taste in the early 1990s, Van der Toorn says: 'The lower the level of some glucosinolates the less bitter the taste of the Brussels, which is perceived as milder or sweeter.

Why do my brussel sprouts taste weird? ›

Undercooked sprouts can taste even more bitter than the cooked variety. Overcook them, and they release more sulfur — which amplifies the cabbage smell.

What is one major side effect of eating brussel sprouts? ›

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Eating Brussels sprout might cause gas. This could make symptoms of IBS worse.

Why does my stomach hurt after eating brussel sprouts? ›

Like other cruciferous veggies, Brussels sprouts have a type of carbohydrate that your body can't easily break down. This can cause you to have belly pain, gas, and either diarrhea or constipation.

Why does my stomach hurt after eating sprouts? ›

“Additionally, those with a sensitive gut should also be extremely careful about consuming sprouts since they are hard for the body to break down and digest which can, in turn, cause abdominal pain, gas, and either diarrhoea or constipation, depending on the condition of your gut.

Why do you soak brussel sprouts before cooking? ›

It turns out that giving Brussels sprouts a good soak can help them to cook evenly throughout. Not only will the sprouts have a better texture after being soaked, but you won't have to choose between burning the outside and undercooking the inside.

Do big or small brussel sprouts taste better? ›

The larger the Brussels sprouts grow, the more they take on the qualities of cabbage. Large pieces will be slightly more bitter, while smaller Brussels sprouts are a little bit sweeter. Save the big ones for roasting, when the combo of high heat and fat coaxes out every drop of sweetness.


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