Robotics Engineer in Utrecht bij Rabobank | (2024)

Join us in developing and maintaining Low Code solutions to help automate repetitive business processes, we saved over 2.6 million business hours in 2023. We are a very young and ambitious team with all the advantages of a big and professional department, but the freedom to fill in your own role.

You & your job

You enjoy creating things and building low-code IT solutions for the business. You also like to make things better, processes, robots, applications, yourself and the people around you. In this role, you would be working in our scrum team Team Cyaan. We focus on a specific domain within the Rabobank for which we build and maintain robotics and low-code solutions like power apps. We all collaborate on these projects to ensure that as a team we perform and deliver the most business value. We operate as one team and simultaneously stimulate your individual focus and growth. We position these robots within the departments as "virtual colleagues" which enables us to make our organization more efficient in the short or long term, but also to relieve our colleagues of repetitive and sometimes frustrating work. This is how the Robotics team makes the work of our colleagues within the bank more fun!

Team Cyaan is a powerful and friendly team consisting of 4 engineers, 2 business analysts, and a PO and is serving the RVV domain within the bank, focusing on wealth management and insurance. The engineers in the team are T-shaped and have different backgrounds and vast experience with the applications and robots that are built and managed by Team Cyaan. They like to work together on projects collectively and individually where needed. Within Team Cyaan, we also have each day a ‘shifting’ Employee of the Day (EotD) to handle any incidents and business questions for our applications. The team mainly works from home and comes to the office at least once a week, although you are free to come to the office more frequently. The office days are focused on working together and having fun!

Practical examples

  • You support various Business domains within the entire Rabobank in building and managing robots and low-code solutions like PowerApps
  • You will have access to the latest technological developments in the field of Robotics Software
  • You are also able to make an active organizational contribution to the continuous improvement of the Center of Excellence through one or more of the focus groups that are set up for this cause

Facts & figures

  • Minimum of 32 hours a week
  • Department of around 70 colleagues
  • Worldwide 43.822 Rabobank colleagues

Top 3 responsibilities

  • You are focused on building and maintaining robots, power apps, and other low-code solutions together with your team in an agile way of working (scrum).
  • You can embrace innovation, analyze processes, make a technical translation, and implement it by working closely together with your teammates and the business. No day will be the same in this field.
  • Communication and coordination with various parties (your own team and the business) is a large part of the work and given the dynamic work environment, it is also crucial that you can reflect and adapt quickly.

We value personal growth very much, so there will be ample opportunity to grow in this role. We stimulate this as a department but personal growth can only really flourish if initiated and driven by you.

Quote from a team member

“Working as a Robotics Engineer is extremely varied and therefore never boring. On one assignment I am building a robot and on another assignment I am developing a power app to support the business in their daily work. That variety in work, the opportunity to develop yourself, and also help determine what your next assignment will be, is why this is such a great position. I feel a lot of ownership of my projects and am proud when for example a new robot goes live.” - Sander van Weerdenburg from the Robotics Center of Excellence

Together we achieve more than alone

Collaboration is an important topic within our team. With each other, we join forces to build low-code solutions that enable our organization to create even more added value for the bank and thus be able to serve our customers even better. The Robotics CoE was founded 7 years ago and we have grown rapidly over the years and are still expanding. We have grown into a department of around 70 colleagues.

At this point we are looking for candidates with experience in RPA, however, we have our own Robotics Academy to teach you all that is needed to start building as an Engineer within Rabobank. We believe in the power of differences. It is precisely by combining people's differences that we become an even better bank. We are therefore curious about what you have to offer to our Robotics department.

The mission of the 70 people in the Robotics Center of Excellence is to make automation solutions to relieve other parts of the organization’s repetitive work. We work together in Agile teams to maximize the impact that we can make within Rabobank.

Speaking of Rabobank: we are a Dutch bank, active in 38 countries for our more than 9,500,000 customers. With these customers, our members, and partners, we work side by side toward a world in which everyone has enough healthy food to eat. Closer to home, we are working towards a country in which happy people live, work, and do business, directly contributing to a better world.

You & your talent

Customer focus, collaboration, analysis, and enthusiasm for others are indispensable for this position as a Robotics Engineer. In addition, it is important that you recognize everything from the checklist below:

  • Well-versed in English is a must.
  • Well-versed in Dutch is a pre.
  • HBO or University working and thinking level.
  • At least 3 years of working experience, preferably in the area of RPA or Software development.
  • A big plus if you have experience with Kofax RPA and/or Power apps.
  • Experience with new technologies, it is an advantage if you master a programming language.
  • Experience in database modeling / SQL.
  • Flexibility in attitude and behavior, will step up in the face of adversity.
  • You like change, puzzling, and can work well in a dynamic environment.
  • Collaboration and communication skills are very important.
  • Business analysis and process analysis skills are a plus.
  • Taking personal responsibility and taking initiative is important.
  • Strong will to learn in a rapidly evolving technical environment.

If you feel that you don’t tick all the boxes, still please apply because maybe your character, drive, and motivation are something we value even more.

This is what we offer you

  • Based on your experience: up to approximately between € 60.000 per year (scale 8)
  • Thirteenth month's salary and 8% holiday allowance
  • An extra budget of 10% of your gross salary is to be used at your discretion. Buy extra holiday hours, add more to your pension savings, or ask for part of the extra budget to be paid out.
  • A budget of € 750- to set up your home working space and a monthly home working allowance of up to € 40-
  • A personal development budget of € 1,400-
  • A combination of working from home and at the office
  • 100% reimbursem*nt of commuting costs if you travel by public transport
  • A pension scheme to which you contribute 3.5% or 5,5%
  • 172,8 hours holiday per year incl. 1 diversity day per year
  • 1 Cooperative day: Every employee is allowed to dedicate a working day to a social cause

This is a selection of the terms of employment for a Robotics Engineer based on a 36-hour working week.

Robotics Engineer in Utrecht bij Rabobank | (2024)


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